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I am a Heavy/Death Metal loving guy. I play a Pearl export 9-piece with all the right trimmings. I am solo as of the moment, just shy I suppose. Still trying to figure out how to post my work here, but first need to figure out how to splice a few together and get them posted here. Sorry for not having anything yet to share. I am thinking about posting a story I have started though, it is a "dirty" and somewhat extreme for some but none the less worth a look. If you like hot nurses and bdsm then you may find it entertaining. I would like to add more to it before posting it, I would like some support as well as I am shy and need a little encouragement. Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you in the future.


            I have no idea why this is so hard. My hand shaking with a lit cigarette. Already half way through my third in ten minutes. That feeling of anxiety in the pit of  my stomach. Taking another long drag, I tell my self to calm. You are going to survive this, I think to myself. Every fiber of my being wanting to get out of here, I take another drag. Ash falling sporadically from nervous shaking. Either way I will have to pass through and go where I fear. I have no idea what is so frightening about going in there. It is not like there is something horrific inside. Not like they mean any ill will to anyone right? Snuffing out the spent smoke with my foot, I slowly trudge to the door. Each step heavy with the weight of regret.

            Upon opening the door it hits my senses. That familiar scent of sterility, latex, and mint. The mostly bare white walls seem to make it more pronounced.  The pit in my stomach turns like a black hole as I approach the receptionist desk. “Good morning”, the receptionist says to me beaming. It is too early for me to reciprocate the high energy while the black hole swirls faster. “Morning”, I quietly return, so as not to be rude. Signing in is a feat in itself with a trembling hand. “Are you ok honey”, she asks me, as I try to finish scribbling my name. Unable to speak, I slightly shake my head negatively. Great now I am embarrassed on top of the black hole of anxiety. “You are going to be fine, every thing will be just fine” she tries to reassure me, patting my shaking wrist. Managing a weak smile, she gestures I sit until my appointment.

            For the first time I noticed that the waiting area is devoid of other people outside of the receptionist. The black hole rotating faster, my heart beating hard against my ribs. I sit in the corner near the magazine stand. Unable to get comfortable on the chair. Why are waiting room chairs always so uncomfortable any way? Arms crossed and fidgeting nervously, not able to bring my eyes off the oddly patterned carpet. Time feels like it has slowed to a crawl, as I grow more and more anxious. Hard to bear waiting for what seems like an eternity, I dare to glance at the clock on the wall. Two minutes to go, as I continue to fidget anxiously. As soon as my gaze fixes back on the floor in front of me, I catch a slight movement in my peripheral vision. Come on black hole, swallow me up into your massive gravity well. Though in vain I wish to disappear, the door swings slowly wider and wider. I freeze as if it will keep me safe from what is coming through the door. Raising my gaze, to match the doors momentum. There in the door way the hygienist appeared. New waves of anxiety and embarrassment washed over me. “ Hello, I am ready to see you now”, she says flashing a dazzling smile. Robotically I rise, and approach her. Feeling a small glimmer of hope in my despair, I slacken slightly. She was a bronzed bombshell in crimson scrubs. For a brief moment, I had slowly growing feelings of lust. Behind the massive nervousness and embarrassment of course. “I am Monica, and I will be taking care of you today”, she says, offering her hand out. I loosely shake it, having no ability to say anything. Mouth dry, and heavy thumping in my ears. To afraid to look anywhere other than the floor, I shiftily cross my arms over and over. “Shall we”, it was half question, and half command. Following her lead down the medium length corridor to the exam room. I dared to gaze at her as we walked. Damn she looks amazing, I think in spite of my internal wrenching. Thoughts of the neglect I have allowed my teeth reasserted the wrenching tenfold.

            The walk of dread came to a halt, and she gestured me inside the examination room. Entering the room, the black hole in my stomach grew to thrice the size. Being ill at ease I forced my feet to propel me onward. Unable to turn tail and escape this. She sat on her stool and gesturing said,” Please have a seat.” Reluctantly I remained complicit to her mild authority. Easing into the cold vinyl cushioned exam chair slowly cautiously. Gripping the armrests with white knuckles. “You seem nervous, is everything alright”, Monica asked concerned, picking up on my tense demeanor. “I am ok”, I quietly respond trying to hide the obvious apprehension poorly. My eyes darting about the various instruments and small power tools.  “I promise I won’t hurt you”, Monica says reassuringly to me, flashing that gorgeous smile as she clips the bib around my neck.  Drawing a deep breath in as she does trying to relax.  “You are very quiet, aren’t you”, she says turning to the cabinet. Silently I nod my reply. Returning masked,” here we go, just relax.” Slowly she slides her hands into latex gloves as I am mechanically reclined back in the chair.  All I hear is the low hum and her latex clad hands finishing their well rehearsed dance. It seemed almost sensual in this instance, arousal trying to push it’s way into the anxiety. They appear in themselves to be drawing attention. Now staring at the ceiling tiles, and into her beautiful hazel eyes. Gripping the armrest with white knuckles still, I try to get lost in those eyes. They seem so warm and inviting, longing to be trusted. “Open”, she says, and I am hesitant to comply. I am now more embarrassed than before knowing that I have left my mouth to neglect in my younger days. “Open’, she repeats this time with a bit more authority. Reluctantly I comply with this lovely bronze bombshell. Letting my lower jaw slacken and slowly open. “ A little wider”, she urges, lightly pressing her left thumb on my chin. She gasps in surprise. I flush with fear. That black hole burns me inside.  “How did this happen”, she asks concerned while inspecting with her mirror. “I would rather not get into it other than I have been careless”, I confess remorsefully when she removes the mirror.  Feeling tears welling up, I try to repress them. Hoping that she believes the truth I wish was a lie. “You should take better care of yourself”, she chides as she reaches for the probe on the tray. Me too I try to convey with my sorrowful gaze. A small amount of guilt washes over me. I did not wish to disappoint anyone, but the truth is more important. I also know that it was wrong to let myself fall into disrepair.

            “This is a tragedy that needs attention soon”. Monica exclaims softly as she explores further into the nightmare I call a mouth. Not to sound harsh, but now I feel like a total ass. Her slender fingers guide her delicate work with ease and grace. Concern hidden in her eyes. In my reserve I enjoy her delicate hands on my face. I read the genuine concern for my well being. Sure that she can read my remorse and regret in my own eyes.  Gripped with grief as she explores all that was once covered with enamel, now just exposed dentin. The scattered holes in the crowns. I mentally note that my teeth are crooked, and may be an issue. I feel bad for exposing my train wreck, the black hole burning twice as bad as before. The amount of notes she took could just about fill a book. My eyes can only plead and beg for forgiveness. Hoping for some mercy that is sure to be in short supply. She finishes her examination, and tells me to be patient until the dentist is ready.

            Sorrow and terror grip me as I continue my death grip on the armrests. Five or so minutes pass, an eternity it seems. A few more tick by so slowly. As Monica and I wait for the dentist to show up, she leans in close to my ear and whispers,” I can help you if you would like?” Then she shows me her tattoo of a fairy with a tooth on a chain marking her right wrist. She must have seen my right calf bearing the red inside a blue cross with med fet in blue on the red field. I felt a little more encouraged by her bold display of likeness. Glad I wore shorts today in spite of the cold weather. That glimmer of hope increased a smidge. I would face hell first hand to get what I need to be healthier. Still in a bit of shock to find out that Monica was an underground specialist intrigued me. The dentist appeared a few minutes afterward. I sat losing myself in some other realm into my imagination. Feeling a little more confident in showing my disgrace.  In daydream I forgot entirely about the dentist showing up at all.

    The dentist entered in a silent stealth that I envied. It took about twenty seconds to feel the new presence in the small room. Frozen once again unable to look over my shoulder. The daydream fracturing into a million pieces. The silence was broken by the friendly banter of Monica and the dentist. The dentist had a silky voice with a German accent. A small part of my brain melted upon hearing it. The rest remained on high alert. The two ladies continued discussing the situation at hand. Listening to them transition from their light hearted greeting to disconsolate tone. I felt my own heart sink into my feet.  “Well good morning”, cheerfully the dentist addresses me. “Morning”, I manage to return in my anxious state. “I am Dr. Ulrike, Monica tells me you are timid. In need of some extensive work as well,” the angelic voice says to me. The familiar snapping of latex, and quiet hum remind me that the ride is not over yet. Getting the chance to see the doctor as I was once again reclining. She had mid length blond hair, curves that Venus would envy, and steel blue eyes. Part of me at this point felt like I had fallen into a dream, despite having sore knuckles from tightly grasping the armrests. Dr. Ulrike had noticed this and said sweetly,” Do not be afraid. You are not just in good hands, you are in the best hands.”  Her mask billowing as she spoke. Allowing some of the tension in my fingers to loosen. It had helped a little to hear this. Locked in to the eyes of this goddess, I could focus on little else. “Open for me, bitte”, she says softly. The tenderness in her request makes it easier to be complicit. Her touch gentle and graceful, as she explores my teeth with the cold mirror and probe.

    Softly she sings in German. Her voice soothing, making my tense persona melt away. It was relaxing to the point of being unreal. Still I could not break my focus on those soft steel blue eyes. Not once was I chided for letting my teeth go south. Seeing the concern in those lovely eyes. Mine filled with the shame and remorse, I flush unable to hide it. There seems to be more in those eyes than I can read, there is a definite confidence in her craft. I think I saw just a hint of gleam in them. May survive this after all. I feel a renewed sense of arousal in this relaxed state, intoxicated by the smell of latex and her gentle vocalization. They both seemed to notice my inability to contain my enjoyment of this experience. Ulrike and Monica seem to share a silent conversation between each other about this new development. Blushing I am starting to think they are plotting something in their silent exchange. Either that or I am letting my imagination run amok. No there had to be some thing in that exchange, just unsure of what it held in the silence.  There was an electricity that disturbed the air between them. May never really know for sure.

    Dr. Ulrike and Monica excused them selves for a moment. I could not make out what was being said. However it sounded upbeat in tone, with a small amount of giggling and agreeability. They re-entered the room again and sat down. Either side of me, they slid. Still blushing with my present predicament, I focused on the lovely ladies. They stripped their gloves and masks slowly. Dr. Ulrike was the first to speak in a warm and tender manner. “We have agreed on a treatment plan that is best for you. I have something special in mind, since you need a lot of repair. Monica has agreed with me on this and is going to help me in the entire process. She has made it clear that we need to be mindful of your needs, so that your experience will exceed the highest level of expectations. Monica and I also agree that it is imperative that we make it enjoyable for you. With that we have got big plans to insure that those needs are met in your oral heath and restoration. I will go and set up your next appointment up front. Monica will finish up with you. I trust you will be a good boy and mind her.” With that she left, patting my shoulder gently. That was rather cryptic I thought to myself. Monica removed the bib around my neck, and disposed of it. Raising the back of the chair, she began fetching the all to familiar souvenirs one expects to receive at the end of their examination. “I will know if you are not sticking to your prescribed routine until our next encounter. There will be consequences for failing to follow the simple requirements.”  Her tone was authoritative yet polite, her smile beaming the entire time. I let her know that I would do my best, taking the small bag from her. We stood up and made the short trip back to the reception desk. Once back in waiting room, I had all three women smiling at me. Monica had accompanied me in to the area. “Danke”, I addressed the beautiful doctor with a nod of gratitude. “Ihr will”, she returned in kind, along with a subtle pursing of her pouting lips in a small kiss. She turned and left the desk. I thanked Monica next. “Be a good boy for me and the doctor ok”, she said sweetly poking the end of my nose playfully. As she turned to take her leave she winked, before passing the threshold. Now I was starting to feel puzzled and fuzzy inside. Alone again with the receptionist. Odd that no one else was waiting to be treated. The receptionist smiled handing me the appointment card. “I hope to see you again soon”, she sends me off politely.

    Back out into the fresh air I fetch a smoke from my pocket. Lighting it I address the card she handed me. It seemed normal on the front, the back struck me as odd. It had a fairy with a tooth on a chain leash like Monica’s tattoo. The instructions and time were also a bit bizarre. Taking a long drag I stopped to think through what had transpired in the last two hours. The address was the same, but it said come to the back of the building. The time was set for Friday at six thirty in the evening. Taking another drag, the pieces were starting to come together. The offer of help from the bronze bombshell, the cryptic explanation from the seductive doctor. The little kiss implication, and the playful prod and wink. The silent exchange from the doctor and hygienist accompanied by the gleam in their eyes. Oh how badly I want to gaze into those two sets of entrancing eyes again. The worst part of it all is the mind running wildly with all sorts of fantastic concepts of what will happen at the next appointment. No way will it be possible to focus on anything else.

    I will summarize the boring parts for you, so we can get to the next titillating series of events. Work was dull, and unusually long. Free time trying to draw an imperceptible scenario of what lies ahead. To say I was not intrigued by the thought of being graced by the company of such intoxicating women would be a lie. Though I had stopped to wonder where it was all leading. I am just an average looking guy, a little shy and highly intelligent. This gap in the middle is driving me insane in not knowing what is to come.


    Here I am again outside the dental clinic at dusk this time. Again with a smoke, trying in vain to comprehend what is about to transpire. Drawing deeply on the cigarette, a small burn in my stomach. Just the feeling of not knowing the future or what it has in store for me. I grind the smoke out with my heel just outside the rear door. Taking a deep breath I knock. Should be interesting to see what is hidden behind it.

    The door is answered by Dr. Ulrike,” Willkommen, guten abend. So glad you kept your appointment. In fact you are little early. Wunderbar! Monica will be pleased. Hereinkommen.” Just as jovial as I remembered her. I oblige her gratuitous invitation. “Danke, Frau Doktor”, I return with similar jubilance. She lets out small laugh and nods at my formality. She leads me, by the hand further into the rear of the building. “You are very flattering my dear boy. I like the way you use your words. Very rare to find another that speaks Deutsch. I assume you have a limited vocabulary, none the less I am impressed. Seeing as you enjoyed our last encounter, this should be more to your liking. Monica and myself have something quite befitting for you. This should be a wonderful appointment.” Her silky accented voice turning me to mush. She leads me into a rather large dental surgery. The chair is more skeletal than it’s modern day counter part, and is further adorned with a belt driven drill. Though antiquities, they look like new. Eyes darting around the room filled with every instrument imaginable, not all were for dentistry I noted. “Please feel free to look about, do not touch. Be a good boy, while I go fetch Monica.” Ulrike leaves back down the way she led me, I take the invitation to slowly wander around the delightfully devious surgical setting.

    Like a kid in the candy store, I take the time to gaze upon all the surgical steel in awe. It is fun to appreciate them. Arousal sent shivers up my spine. Inspecting each tray filled with all sorts of delightful devices. Next I draw my self toward the chair. It is complimented with suede restraints that match the black leather padding. The chrome frame gleaming in the fluorescent lighting. I turn to observe the mobile cart, filled with gloves and other disposables. A cloth patient gown sets neatly atop it. Next to the cart are two black leather topped stools with small backrests. “Beautiful, is it not?” So caught up in the moment and the grandeur of the room, I had not noticed the two lovely ladies had returned. Whirling on my heels to see them, my eyes bulge at the sight of them. They had on matching operating gowns befitting the era of the chair, accessorized with heels of the same whiteness to match. So beautiful the pair, lust is putting it mildly. What a treat this will be, I hope.

    They walk towards me, their heels clacking on the hard tiles. I notice as they approach that they have cotton masks flowing over their breasts. Stopping within a foot of where I seem to be rooted, I become aware of their arousal. The delightful scents dull my senses, unrestrained breast bearing erect nipples through the soft cloth. “Doctor, our dear patient seems to be lost in awe.” “Monica please get him ready, danke.” So jovial and endearing. The gowns are most flattering on these sirens. Monica complies with the command, donning that wonderful smile. Brushing me playfully across the chest with her slender delicate hand on her way to the cart. I follow behind at a respectful distance. Her well toned backside peaking from behind the loose bottom of the gown. She stops and retrieves the patient gown from where it lay.  She twirls on her heels revealing her long slender legs hidden underneath. “Please disrobe and put this on, can you a be a good boy and do that for me?” I nod my compliance accepting the garment from her. Her sweet authority makes it hard to want to resist anything she may require. So here I am going to reveal my self to these gorgeous women. They seem pleased that I go commando. I blush in my transition to the exam gown. Ulrike steps up to me, checking me up and down giving a look of approval to my vulnerability. Monica ties the back for me with great ease. “Look at me, good patient.” I have to slightly elevate my gaze to meet Ulrike’s steel blue eyes. She gently places her soft milky hand under my chin. I dare not make a move as our eyes entangle. Her tenderness flowing from her well sculpted face. This visual embrace seems to hold time at a stand still. She slowly leans in, turning my face slightly as she does. Those pouting lips softly leave their crimson brand on my cheek. “Good boy! Would you like to explore me, you may until I say otherwise.” I take a moment to observe her on all sides softly exclaiming.” So wunderschone ihre sind, Frau Doktor.” She giggles her approval of my compliment. Approaching her from behind, making sure to brush myself firmly against her bountiful rear. A soft moan escapes her delightful lips, as my hands find there way to her ample bosom. Firmly kneading her tender flesh, enjoying the audible pleasure she expels. Lightly pecking at her neck feeling her tremble with delight of my pleasant assault. Bumping me playfully with her delightful backside she turns to face me. Grasping my wrists she places them on her rear. Wrapping her arms around my frame pinning me to her ample breasts. “ Now feel how nice I am.” Her voice more than a whisper in my ear. Her lips up to my ear eliciting her approval. Rubbing and spreading her soft backside. Daring to allow my explorative fingers venture further. Sliding between her softness slowly tracing the natural curve at the base of her spine. Her moist breath sweetly caressing my ear entices my action. Lower I slide following her smooth curve, stopping at the edge of her puckered rose bud. “You are such a naughty boy”, she moans to me. My middle finger glides lightly across the orifice. Letting the tip revolve gently occasionally parting the soft muscle tissue. “Nicht so unschuldig selbst, Frau Doktor”, I counter. “ Ja ich weiß, bitte hör auf“, she sweetly retorts back. „Wie sie wünschen, Frau Doktor“, I obiedenty offer in compliance.

„Good boy.“ Her tone sweetly rewarding my attentiveness to her exsquiste body. Taking a few steps back from her, I stand in polite attention. The sharp clicking of heels on the floor anounce Monica as she ambulates from behind. Unable to pull my eyes off of the doctor’s brightly lit face as her assistant approaches. The impact of the heels becomes louder and louder in my ears. Small hairs standing out as she loundly clicks to a halt mere inches in rear of me. Her lightly labored breathing caresses my exposed neck and shoulders, like a warm breeze in spring. „My turn?“ Half question and half prompt. Ulrike gives the slightest nod in allowance to explore the exoctic, animate bronze statue from behind. A slender finger slowly sliding down my spine tracing the vertabrae to the bace. Her touch electric evoking a long exhalation of pleasure from my lips. Retracing her line back to the base of my neck, she moves to face me. Letting her slender digit follow a new path from shoulder to sternum as she does. Sending another delightful jolt up my spine. Raising her finger, turning her hand palm up to sieze my chin. Staring deeply into those mystical hazel eyes of hers. Again time slows to a halt. Turning my bare cheek to her. Pulling my face to her dark thin lips, they leave a brand of their own. Moving my person to meet my face, turning my gaze back to hers. Slipping my hands around her to her toned posterior. Sneaking underneath the soft cotton of the gown to her ripe flesh beneath. She gasps in surprise of my aggressive assault to her peach. Nails digging into her tender loins firmly. Hers digging into my back just below the shoulder blades. „Feeling feisty are we“, she moans with an air of her own aggression,“ I should like to change that, enjoy it whle it lasts.“ Not backing down to her,“ Not a chance, but I would love to see you try“, I taunt back in her ear. Lapping at her earlobe with my tongue. Tightening my grip on her backside as I do. She gasps again at the new pressure, and makes hers known as well. „Now be a good boy“, she thrusts back with a playful nibble on my ear. I knead her rump, as she grinds against me. „Say please.“ I chide her probing her ear more. „I will try to remeber that“, she nibbles harder in my ear.

„Enough you two, now come here“, Dr. Ulrike commands nicely yet authoritative.  Monica and I untangle from our tit for tat exchange. Silently hoping her behind is as sore as my back. We obediantly propel toward her side by side. Dr. Ulrike is seated on one of the stools, hand carressing her womanhood. Her juices like Monica’s darkend the white cloth with their intense arousal. „Was he a good boy for you my dear?“ Dr. Ulrike asks Monica. „He was not a bad boy. How ever I reccomend mild punishment for his behavior“, She asserts to Dr.Ulrike, as she rubs her backside. „What do you suggest we do about that then my dear“, addressing  Monica,“ You hardly look like you were in agony, show me your behind.“ Monica takes a long stride and eloquently about faces. „Oh my fraulein, it looks as though you have received yours“, Dr. Ulrike chuckles, playfully swatting her assistants wounded pride. „Now you, süßen mund junge“. Taking two steps to her. She pulls me down to sit across her lap. „It was not very nice of you, but I am sure she desrved it“ , she says to me as she eyes Monica. „I forget she has a bit of a temper.“ Her hand gently stroking my manhood, Only then did I realize she was wearing gloves. The smooth latex hand felt wonderful. With her free hand she beckoned Monica back to us. „Be a dear for me and lay out fresh gloves for the both of us, and put on a pair.Then tie up your mask and mine bitte. By then I will carry out your request of punishment. Danke Monica.“ How sweet her hand felt, a deightful torment. Her free hand caressing my lips smelling of her scent. My tongue laps at her soft latex fingers. There is a hint of mint mingled with her nectar, sucking each finger in turn. Her moist sharp breath in my ear, and her stroking hand increased rythym of her approval. Watching her delightul eyes, as I make a second pass on her fingers. Monica’s slender fingers slide the mask off Dr. Ulrike’s ample breast and cover her pouting lips and cute nose. Now I lose myself in this moment of pefection. The delight of her steel blue eyes coupled with her touch and taste. Mask billowing with each breath, I could not wait to see what my punishment will be. Dr.Ulike rolls us over to the formidable looking chair. „Now be a good boy and sit for me bitte.“ She warmly gestures to it. „Ja, Frau Doktor“, I comply with her invitation. The leather is cool on my bare backside, yet surprisingly comfortable over all.

Monica goes around the the chair, a deviouse delight in her eyes. Her heels clicking off into the distance. Wating for her return, Dr. Ulrike gently strapping me in place. Seeming satisfied with her small feat, I watch helplessly as she fondles herself with her soiled gloves. A moment later the clicking begins again announcing Monicas’s return. Dr. Ulrike looks beyond me with a look of approval. A small knot in my stomach of what Monica had retrived in her absence. The clicking of her heels report that she is very close now. Stopping by her attractive mentor, she displays her findings. This seems to have gained the doctors approval. It was an anesthetic mask for nitrouse. Instead of being connected to a pressurised tank, the tubing fed into a buttplug with multiple holes drilled into it. Leaning down to my face,“ Since you like my ass so much let it distract you from the pain,“ she says with a firey udertone. Turning and leaning over slightly, laying the instrument of my punsiment in the doctor’s lap. Dr. Ulrike spreads the young mounds of flesh apart. Monica watches me over her shoulder. Making her soft exposed hole pucker, as if it were blowing kisses. Dr. Ulrike slides a delicate rubber finger slowly around the tender puckering hole. Both of them keeping there eyes on me, masks billowing with heavy breath. I watch with delight as the doctors finger traces the small opening faster and faster. Monica letting out small moans enjoying the stimulation couppled with her backside kissing. Taking a moment, I notice a second length of tubing coming from the base of the plug. It looks about three to four feet in length, and the end is a one way valved bulb. I note that as both interesting and inovative. I watch as the doctor starts to penetrate her assistants lovely backide. Eliciting a small ecstatic groan,  Monica’s hungery little hole sucking the finger deeply inside. „Good Monica, loosen up for us“, Dr. Ulrike praises, as her finger is swallowed and spat out of the sexy hole. She then inserts another finger to be devoured by Monica’s insaitalbe backside. She moans a little louder at the new invader. „ Ja, thats a good girl“, Dr.Ulrike encourages Monica. Each thrust of her invasion to the knuckles. The small soft lips of the muscle greadily gobbeling the smooth fingers. I maintain my focus on the display before me. Dr.Ulrike Slowly instersts two fingers from her other gloved hand to join their counter parts. Monica now holding her loins wide, groans at the doubling of her rose bud. „Please doctor, open me wider“ she begs of her superior in a shaky voice of intense pleasure. The doctor replies rewardingly,“Ja, my fraulien.“ I watch as the gloved hands slide to a stop deep inside., and start to pull the soft tissues apart. Monica emits a gasp as the cool air enters her rearend.  Unable to take my gaze away from the arousing display before me. „Plug me, doctor“, She moans. Removing her fingers the doctor slowly pushes the plug into the hungery hole. I watch as the large sillicone plug is invited into the loosend hole. The muscle stretching to accomodate the maximum diameter, then slowly rolling to the neck of the plug tightly sealing with the base.

Dr. Ulrike hands Monica the tubing and she thanks her. „Be a dear and go pick out the neccissary intruments and set up for the session ahead, bitte“, She instructs the bronze bombshell. We watch her stroll off toward the many tables with the tubing sticking out the back of her gown resting on her shoulder. Standing, the doctor stripps off her soiled gloves disposing them. She leans in close to my face, those steel eyes so jubilant and entoxicating. „ Now you will clean my ass, can you do that for your Frau Doctor,“ she sweetly asks in a deep tone. I nod for the words cannot reach my mouth. „Good boy“, She says gingerly patting my cheek with her soft hand. Stepping beside the chair she lowers it, then leans it forward. Now at a  seventy degree angle I stare forward. Now eye level with her ample backside. She teasingly spreads the back of the gown to expose the mlky flesh underneath. Bending over she spreads her bottom wide. Her breathing heavy as she slides a finger tauntingling on her crimson hole, puckering in rythem. The light pungent aroma fills my nostrels exciting my senses. Backing up to bring her hungery hole closer to me. Spreading her backside even wider than before. Taking a small moment to gaze on the undulating muscle as it contracts and relaxes. I start by lapping at the flesh between her flushed petals to her puckering rosebud. The doctor moans softly as I torment her a moment. Her small puckering lips part slightly in a soft sigh wanting to feel my tongue. The pungent aroma is stronger, but not intolerable. I stroke the small hole with broad strokes of my tongue. The doctor lets me know that she is enjoying me painting her puckeredness. Engulfing it with my lips i force my tongue inside her. She sucks on my tongue enticing it deeper. The muscle slackens and I force my tongue as deeply inside the doctor as I can. She moans louder forcing her luciouse rump onto the friendly invasion. The light clink of surgical steel reminds me there is unfinnished bussiness ahead. The doctor slowly slips off my tiring tongue. She clasps it tightly to the tip, emmiting a long moan in satisfaction. Righting her beutiful frame she rights the chair as well. „That’s a good boy“, Dr.Ulrike sweetly rewards me. Her soft hand stroking my cheek affectionatly. Monica comes over to us after finnishing her task. „Now we must cleanse that dirty mouth“, she says sweetly holding a small cup half filled with mouth wash. Carefully Monica empties the contents into my mouth. The alcohol in the mouthwash burns my mouth. I work it around for what seems like ten minutes. Holding the cup infront of me she sweetly allows me to rid the burning. I carefully spit into the small cup not wanting to give her a reason to  punish me further.

Now the bombshell and the goddess seated on either side of me a small blackhole in stomach starts swirling. The doctor asks to see my x-rays. Monica leaves her position to get them. „How could you possibly have any if you did not take any“, I ask the lovely doctor. „I got them from your previous dentist“, She explains softly. She continues,“ It was not to difficult to convince him to pass them to me. Out of curiosity why did you not go back to him?“ An air of concern in her bright eyes. I explained in short that he was not a very pleasant person, and that is putting it mildly. „Ah, I see,“ she replies nicely,“ and why do think he was unpleasnt?“ I continued that he made me feel lower than dirt, and just another lump sum of cash. Also I noted wanting to send the prick crashing like the Hindenberg for being such an ego maniac. Monica hands the doctor the x-rays for inspection. Her eyes on the films and clucking she says,“Thats no way to treat a patient. Now I see why you never made another appointment. I hope to change your mind for the better, espeacially for your oral health.“ Handing Monica the films seeming to have aquired what she needed she comes closer to me.

Placing a soft gentle hand upon my shoulder her eyes soften. Drinking in the situtuation feeling the sympathetic energy from the lovely doctor. I hear Monica return to us. Her heels anouncing her as she does. At this point I am torn between thoughts of this all being real, or mearly an elaborate fantasy in my mind. Unable to refrain from letting these thoughts to my self. I need to know for sure. If this is an elaborate fantasy in my mind it has been very exciting. On the other hand if this is actully happening that means that there is the possability for things to have rammifications in either direction.

„Is this real or is just a dream“ I throw the question to either of them. Monica had decided to roll her lovely self by the gentle doctor. „That is a fair assessment to make“, Dr. Ulrike begins. Her soft hand warmly rubbing my shoulder. „Who is to say there is much of a differnece between the concouse reality we perceive and the subconcouse reality we create. There for does it matter if this is real or not,“ the doctor continues mask billowing as she does. Falling into the reality that I can feel she adds,“ There are three ways of looking at it. The first being that you are in fact asleep or daydreaming this entire expeirence. The three of us are all playing a role in anothers great imagination. The last being that this is all apart of a grander design that is unfolding whether we know it or not. The important thing to reflect upon is that we all hang onto the experiences we have. Both the negitive and the positive. At times they have the ability to have the opposing effect that we thought they should have. For example why are you here now? Monica and I had previously addressed your negative expierences with in a specific area.“ Letting the explaination sink in a moment. „Weighing all the distinct ways to reverse that unpleasant expierence so that you are sound in mind and body. You have played a part in this as well whether you are aware of it or not.“ Mentally I rub my chin in deep thought over this as my arms are restrained. „ So you threw out the traditional book of rules so to speak, in order to help me“, I inquire the sweet doctor. „ In a sense, yes,“ she replies. Monica had moved back to the other side of the chair at some point during this isnight. She passes the doctor a pair of gloves. „Is there anything else you would like to know, or may we continue having our fun for the evening“, Dr. Urike asks pleasantly as she guides her pretty hands into the latex. Who am I to deny this perception,“ By all means please continue, Frau Doktor.“ Placing her slender hands on my face and turning me towards hers, Monica adds sweetly,“ Even if this is a dream, I am enjoying sharing in it with you.“ Throwing a wink in for good measure.


            A beeping fills my ears. What the hell is going on. I feel like i just kissed a freight train. A thick German accent fills my ears,“ Ah he is coming around.“ What the hell! Groggily I say,“ where am I? Whats going on?“ A blurriness fills my eyes as I look about me. The voice says,“ You had a nasty bump from the curb, looked like you passed out in front of my clinic. I don’t konw what you have been rambling about for the past two days, but it was quite interesting. Lucky for you we found you and got you to the hospital.“ „Huh“, I mutter allowing my eyes to adjust in my glasses a bit. I see her for the first time. A lovley woman she was, exactly as my subconciouse portrayed her in my delusion of grandeure. Though I am sure she is more proffesional in the real world.  She sat across the room from the bed. Her legs crossed, a look of reliefe on her face. It was all just a dream after I had got there. Damn it! „I guess my nervs got the better of me, and I scared myself sensless before keeping my appointment. I am sorry that I missed my appointment“, I tell her. She smiles,“ What is so scary about coming to see me? I don’t bite.“ We have a short laugh at the joke. Ah that was corny. „They tell me you are to be released this afternoon, so I expect you to be in my office tomarrow morning“, she playfully chides. „I will do my best“, I reply. „Wundbar“, she exclaims cheerfully. She stands up and starts for the door. Unable to help myself,“So schon, Frau Doktor.“ She giggles and opens the door. Before she departs she says,“ Now, now. Be a good boy.“













































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